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Level X

History – Early Twentieth Century Britain and WWI Home front (1900-1918) – Spring Term


An interesting period of social, domestic and working life before “the black pit of war”, when wealthy Edwardians led lives of extreme prosperity, while the poor struggled in great poverty and hardship. All was to change forever when men went to war and women went to work in WWI. We see what life was like on the home- front.

We study the Edwardian era “Indian Summer” of peace and prosperity before the horrors of war, when Britons viewed themselves at the beginning of a new century, full of potential and promise, changes and reforms. But…. as years progressed, Edwardians knew there was to be war and started preparing.

We observe domestic, working and social life on the home-front during WWI; the impact it had during this period and its life-changing effects post -war.

When men went to war women went to work. We focus on women and the home-front. They took on what had been seen as hard and heavy work, in factories, on farms, driving buses, and more. Their stories are fascinating with women displaying their ingenuity and inventiveness. Nurses writing home from overseas or who were stationed in Britain give us a touching insight into the lives of men and women during this period.

Illustrated with powerpoint slideshows, books, prints, paintings and texts.

N.B. History courses may contain outdated attitudes, cultural depictions and language which cause offence today. They have to be viewed from an historic perspective. When discussing the content these views are not those of the tutor.

Tutor Sarah Tobias. This course will run on Monday afternoons, 1330-1530.


Suitable for all abilities


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