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The exceptional achievements of our students and staff have been recognised at this year’s Star Awards.

10 July 2023

Our Brighton MET Stars of 2023 

Creative Industries
James Drake

Creative Industries
Ashley Irelan-Hill

Creative Industries
Gabriela Boubli

Creative Industries
Eric Lui

Creative Industries
Archie Swaisland

Kevin Karriqi

Early Years & Childcare
Zerda Buyukertas

Catering & Hospitality
Lucy Allen

Hair & Beauty
Zahra Pezhouhan

Access to Higher Education
Twm Sikdar

Luis Cortez

Malik McGilloway

Staff Award for Above & Beyond
Colette Campbell-Gohill

Staff Award for Outstanding Teaching
Caroline Hand

Staff Award for Innovative Teaching
Natasha Holdgate

Staff Award for Outstanding Student Support
Hannah Randall

Staff Award for Outstanding Customer Service
Zoe Kalochoritis

The Brightest Star of 2023

Zerda Buyukertas

Thank you to our sponsors
We would like to thank all of our sponsors, whose continued support helps us to celebrate our Stars of 2023.

We are privileged to be associated with and supported by such a wonderfully generous group of sponsors, from individual patrons to local businesses and organisations.

Our performers

Our phenomenally talented students always rise to the occasion, and our Stars or 2023 ceremony saw some fantastic performances including impressive renditions of ‘Come What May’, ‘Don’t Rain on my Parade’, a beautiful acoustic vocal set, as well as a contemporary dance performance called ‘Confinement’.

Our thanks to: Michaela Hendrick-Paul, Joseph Firth, Jessica Etchells, Annie Hitchcock, Lily Cooper, Jed Hale, Ivor Elkin, Rachel Gillott