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Level X

History – A History of Fashion and Society: Elegant Georgians to Rebellious Punks (1700s-2000s) – Spring Term


If you love fashion, you’;ll love this! If you love social and cultural history, you’;ll also love this! We study how social history has inspired fashion, just as clothes have influenced social and cultural history. We unravel historic inspiration that has formed and forms innovative, trendsetting or wacky fashion, designers and style.

We view how the social and cultural background of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries influenced British fashion then and now. We focus on aspects of trendsetting style 1700s-2000s, such as the voluminous and extravagant court dresses and exuberant hairstyles of the Georgian period and the dapper Regency dandy; Victorian crinoline, bustle and aestheticism; Edwardian Art Nouveau, elegant Art Deco, innovative wartime recycling, swinging sixties, and subculture of mods, rockers, goths, skinheads and punks. We see how the wheel of fashion and style turns again and again.

We will analyse key style developments and designers such as Mary Quant and the “Swinging Sixties”. A really exciting and fascinating course that will make you think differently about style, clothing, its influences and origins, and what you and others wear. You will discover how fashion informs, and what our clothes say about us.

Illustrated with masses of colourful slides and fashion illustrations.

N.B. History courses may contain outdated attitudes, cultural depictions and language which cause offence today. They have to be viewed from an historic perspective. When discussing the content these views are not those of the tutor.

Tutor Sarah Tobias. This course runs on a Tuesday 1500-1700


Suitable for all abilities


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