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Industry placements

Brighton MET college is participating in a new pilot scheme focusing on supporting students to develop their professional and employability skills.


Key information

  • Level 3 students will be supported to spend a minimum of 45 working days with an external employer in a role directly relevant to their course to learn the technical skills required for their industry.
  • This means Level 3 students should expect, and be available for, their timetable to be over 5 full days a week during term time.
  • Employers may pay a wage or cover expenses.
  • Completing the placement will be compulsory, and non-attendance will be dealt with through the usual college procedures.



  • Industry Placement students have an existing level of industry related knowledge and skills which means they can be an additional pair of hands on specific projects or tasks, particularly during your busy times.
  • Students can bring in new skills and approaches to businesses that may not previously have been explored – a fresh pair of eyes and an inquisitive mind can be of huge benefit. 
  • Supporting an Industry Placement student to achieve new skills and develop a greater understanding of your business and sector can be great CPD for junior members of staff who might be looking to take on supervisory responsibilities.
  • Industry Placement students and employers are supported by college staff throughout to ensure that placements and relationships are developing well.
  • Set learning objectives from college tutors help employers connect with current industry focused curriculum enabling a greater connection between education and business.
  • Working with a student on placement over an extended period enables you to focus on specific skills development and potentially train a new future staff member.


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