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Travel and Tourism

The Travel and tourism industry is one of the most exciting and vibrant in the world. You could be assisting someone find their dream holiday, travelling the world as cabin crew, helping people have the experience of a lifetime as a holiday rep, or progressing through the ranks to become a senior manager. Our courses equip you with universally transferrable skills and the confidence to pursue a career in the fast-paced travel industry.

We have excellent links with industry, which means that you’ll take part in enrichment activities such as safety training at Heathrow Airport and presentations from leading airlines.


Through rich and diverse assignments you can expect to gain a broad experience in art and design. You will be set a range of projects that will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. Projects are often focused on increasing employability and incorporate links to industry.


Live exhibitions and shows

Your study programme will be complimented by trips to exhibitions and museums in order to support and enhance your studies.

A creative environment

Promoting a creative environment in which to work, there is an academic underpinning to all the courses that will help you develop the skills you will need for employment.

A structured tutorial programme

A programme that supports you, and helps your transition into college and onto university, which includes regular Progress Reviews with your tutors.

As my gateway to university, the Access to Higher Education: Sport Science course at Chichester College has provided me with the fundamental knowledge and a broadened comprehension of modules including sport psychology, physiology, anatomy, and socio-cultural studies.

Access to Sport Science

The thing I like the most about doing the Access course is the challenge to myself to do well academically. I was most nervous about coming on the Access course because of the assignments. However, I proved myself wrong time and time again and with the support of the tutors and my fellow students I’m actually doing really well on the Access course and it’s a nice feeling to prove that I can do it.

Access to Nursing and Healthcare Professions

“There is a brilliant atmosphere within the college and lots of activites going on all the time”

Phillip Bowman, Level 2