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Level X

History – Space, Light & Speed-Art Deco & Modernism (1918-1940) – Summer Term


For those who love the smoothly distinctive style of Art Deco and clean lines of Modernism which dominated all aspects of interwar domestic and cultural life, and was notable for its architectural and design features. Iconic and elegant, it was used to furnish homes in a new and exciting fashion, utilizing modern technology and materials.

The Decorative Movement, Modernism or ‘moderne’;, later described as ‘Art Deco’;, was based on classical and other influences, including Egyptian – after the 1922 opening of Tutankhamun’;s tomb in 1922 by Howard Carter and Lord Carnaervon.

The distinctive iconic style of space, light and speed, vibrant with colour, its modern designs full of sharp patterns, was also described as “jazzy”. It utilised modern technology and innovations such as plastic, chrome, aluminium and electricity.

Smooth lines and geometric patterns featured on architecture, advertising, jewellery, furniture, glass, ceramics, lighting, metalware, technology and influenced cinema. The elegant style fabulously showcased high fashion and adornments.

Illustrated with colourful powerpoint slideshows and illustrations.

N.B. History courses may contain outdated attitudes, cultural depictions and language which cause offence today. They have to be viewed from an historic perspective. When discussing the content these views are not those of the tutor.

Tutor Sarah Tobias. This course runs on a Tuesday evening 1830-2030


Suitable for all abilities


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