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Maths for Adults


We offer a range of maths classes to suit all abilities and aspirations. After you have applied to study with us, you will be invited into the college for an assessment and a chat with the maths department. This will determine what course and level are best for you and your goals.

Pre-GCSE and Functional Skills courses

Are you keen to gain a GCSE in maths but think you need a bit more time to prepare? Our Pre-GCSE and functional skills courses could be the right level for you. These courses will give you the time and skills you need to be successful on the GCSE qualification in the future.

GCSE maths

This course is a key qualification which is asked for as an entry requirement for many courses and jobs. The course aims to develop a positive attitude towards maths and the ability to solve problems. A variety of resources are available to you both in and out of the classroom and classroom work will include the discussion and application of your maths knowledge to exam-style problems. The team is made up of experienced maths teachers and we have consistently achieved very high success rates and student satisfaction.

We have classes in the morning, afternoon and evening and all classes last for 3 hours -; Exact times of the classes you can choose from will be provided after you have been to the college and completed the assessment.

Brush-up your maths

If it has been a long time since you have studied maths, or completed an assessment, this short, welcoming course will gently re-introduce you to some of the basics that you may have forgotten or didn’;t understand in the first place. This course will run in the summer term.

Please email if you have any questions about any of our maths courses.


These courses are open to adults aged 18 or older who have not yet achieved a grade 4 (or C) in GCSE Maths.


If you want to find out more about what Brigton MET has to offer why not join us at our next open day.
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