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Brighton MET proves Sustainability Matters

12 April 2024

Brighton MET College recently hosted the second-ever ‘Sustainability Matters’ Event, inviting industry professionals and companies committed to a greener future.  

The event, held in the Gallery Restaurant, welcomed businesses such as Recorra (reliable/ethical recycling & water management), Brighton University, Rampion, Bright Horizons (nursery group), Brighton Energy Coop, Wilmott Dixon, as well as stalls for the college’s Apprenticeships, Careers and T Levels offers.   

Employers were able to share their green expertise and knowledge with students, hoping to inspire the next generation of green ambassadors.  

Vanessa, one of the Sustainability Manager for Reccora, said: “Fairs like this are really important, we normally have really good feedback from students. 

“Sometimes they’re not involved in recycling waste and don’t bother about it but when you tell them what the consequences are, and what they can do in a normal day, they are normally really receptive.  

“We are very involved in becoming green as soon as possible, for example, we have a pledge to become carbon neutral by 2030, we are also trying to make our whole fleet electric, as well as having a fleet of cargo bikes (electric bikes).”  

Oliver Cornwall, project manager for the Pelham Tower development at Willmott Dixon, added: “The event was really good, it was nice to talk to the younger generation, I think the people we spoke to will go on to be more conscious of the environment.”  

Jamie Binyon, Assistant Sustainability Manager for Willmott Dixon, explained “We have a ‘Now or Never Strategy’ that was launched in 2020, we want to be net zero as a company by 2030, and we want our supply chain to follow suit by 2040.  

“Young people are the future, so engaging them and getting them thinking about the environment is going to have a positive ripple effect as they get older as they go into their careers.”  

Students attended from 16 different classes and were able to hear all about the different companies’ green pledges, as well as career advice and information.   

Joe, one of the students who visited the fair, said: “There’s a lot of people who know their stuff, it’s a really good and diverse group of people, and it’s really good to get an inside industry into what they do to be more sustainable. 

“I’ve learnt that everyone is really focused on trying to bring green energy to the forefront because all the media around it is saying there’s a ticking clock, and it’s good to see companies are invested in a greener future.”   

Linda Laurens, Head of Learning at Brighton MET, concluded: “A massive thank you to our local organisations and employers who supported our second-ever Sustainability Matters event. Our students had the chance to talk to employers who truly care about sustainability and the environment. 

“The employers gave our students practical advice about career opportunities and more general business practices, as well as advice on how they can make positive contributions to the environment and our world. We look forward to holding our event next year.”  

If you would like to feature in next year’s event, please contact Linda Laurens –