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Brighton MET secures a grant to explore the use of immersive learning.

17 February 2023

We are delighted to announce that Iwona Flanc, Deputy Head of Learning for Programmes for Jobseekers, recently bid, and successfully secured a grant created by Virtual Reality (VR) training provider Bodyswaps and Meta

These funds will be used to investigate what role immersive learning and VR play in supporting and training adult students.  

We caught up with Iwona to find out more about the grant and what our students can expect…

Why did you apply for the grant?

I am passionate about technology and I have a strong desire for the virtual reality immersive experience to be widely available as part of every vocational course in the Programmes for Jobseekers provision. Initiatives like these support individuals in a successful transition to work. 

Who can take part?

Any learner enrolled on our Programmes for Jobseekers (Opening Doors) provision. A typical student is unemployed or in low-paid part-time employment, wishing to change career. This is aimed at those looking to improve their self-confidence and communication skills. 

How will the training work?

The virtual reality software will allow the individual to practice skills in a safe, controlled environment that is also very close to real-world experiences. Training may include a mock job interview for example. 

Can we expect more virtual reality in the classroom?

I’m very keen for virtual reality and immersive learning to become a part of classroom learning, throughout the Opening Doors provision. We are changing lives through learning every day, every learner, and every opportunity matters.