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Exciting Collaborations Await Catering Students at The Gallery Restaurant

3 May 2023

The Gallery Restaurant at Brighton Metropolitan College played host to a special event on Friday 28 April, as renowned food critic Nick Mosley from The Argus, accompanied by BITE Sussex, visited to meet and dine with the talented catering students. The purpose of their visit was to foster connections between the students and local chefs and establishments, paving the way for valuable work experience opportunities and a chance to learn from industry professionals.

The event was a resounding success, with five esteemed chefs and restaurants already lined up to collaborate with the students. Among the participating establishments are Hjorve from The Grand Eastbourne, Sam from Fourth & Church, Ari and Ben from Arrisy Kitchen, Ian from Meanwhile Café, and Charita from Momma Cherri. These collaborations are set to provide an invaluable platform for the students to apply their skills and gain practical experience in a real-world setting.

Level 2 students are expected to kick off their collaborations in late June, followed by the Level 3 students in November. The students are eagerly looking forward to working closely with the chefs, refining their craft, and expanding their culinary horizons.

The Gallery Restaurant received glowing feedback from the esteemed guests about the entire experience. Nick Mosley, the distinguished food critic, expressed his delight, saying, “We received lots of really positive feedback from our guests about participating in the forthcoming collaborations and also the food served. The sea bass was impressive.”

The faculty and staff at The Gallery are proud of the success of the event and are committed to providing their students with exceptional learning opportunities. The collaborations with these renowned chefs and restaurants not only offer exposure to the vibrant culinary scene in Brighton but also open doors to potential future career prospects for the aspiring young chefs.

As preparations continue for the upcoming collaborations, anticipation and enthusiasm fill the air at The Gallery Restaurant. The students, now armed with an incredible chance to learn from industry experts, are eager to showcase their talents and make the most of this unique experience. With the support of The Argus and BITE Sussex, The Gallery Restaurant is determined to nurture the next generation of culinary excellence in the vibrant city of Brighton.