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Royal Navy brings Ready-Steady-Cook to Brighton MET

8 May 2024

The Royal Navy challenged Brighton MET students during some insightful cooking workshops recently.

On Wednesday (1 May), the Logistics Specialist Recruiting Team visited Brighton MET’s Pelham campus aiming to inform students on roles and teams within the Royal Navy. 

Ian Hutchinson, Leading Hand in the Royal Navy, said: “We give people the opportunity to see the Royal Navy out and about, as a lot of people still don’t actually know what the Navy does, that we’re not just a fighting force.  

“We come into colleges as students are the right age for recruitment, and we also want to give them the opportunity to see one of the many career options they have available.  

“From the get-go, I could see the Brighton students would be fantastic. They seem to be very organised, very in-tune with each other, and I think that is what made their end product so good”.  

The afternoon began with a Catering Services presentation, which explained the roles within the team. It also provided students with information on career opportunities and service life in the Royal Navy.  

This was then followed by a Master Chef-style lesson where students were divided into equal teams and presented with a box of ingredients.  

Students were tasked with cooking a main dish and dessert dish, specifically Chicken Kyiv & sticky toffee pudding.  

Lucas, one of the students who participated, commented: “I think it has also helped me have a deeper understanding of the different roles that people have in the Royal Navy and all the possibilities that I could use my talents in.  

“Coming from a family which has been in the Navy, and hearing this today, has tempted me a bit, it will definitely stick in my mind”.  

Nathan, another of the students, added: “I thought it was a good experience, I always enjoy a bit of a time trial, I enjoyed it.  

“I think always working with other chefs with more experience than me will help me with my cooking”  

Paul Riley, Principal of Brighton MET College, said, “It was brilliant to welcome the Royal Navy, who offered a very interesting and engaging workshop to our students.  

“Having workshops such as these offer students a chance to hear about the different the career opportunities they have as they enter the workforce”.